Terms and Conditions

Payment is made via a SSL encrypted connection. The payment is handled by DIG ENTERTAINMENT Ltd. and will appear as BSSBILL.COM+441133204666 on your bank statement.

You are buying the service from: DIG ENTERTAINMENT Ltd - 79 The Green, Thornaby, Stockton-On-Tees, Cleveland, United Kingdom, TS17 0AN.

DIG ENTERTAINMENT Ltd. runs the website https://bestscorewins.com.

What is BestScoreWins?

BestScoreWins is a website where you can buy great products for only $2.00 by playing online skill games. Skill-based online games are not extensive luck but only based on the player`s way of playing (Reactions, IQ, etc.).

- Choose a skill game on the front page you like to play and win the right to buy the product for only $2.00 while you collect points! We have the most popular and time killing skill games online!

- Keep playing the game until you are the best player. If you are the best player when the game ends, you win the right to buy the product for only $2.00. You can play as many times you want until the game ends. If you loose, you can use your collected points to buy products in our shop.

- Keep track of your results and enjoy! You have nothing to loose, either you win the right to buy great products for $2.00 or you collect points to buy your favorite products in our shop

What are the benefits of a subscription membership on BestScoreWins?

All customers must be a member and therefore also a subscription to be able to participate in the fantastic games and products we offer for $2.00, skill games and access to our service. You can always try a trial to see if it´s something for you.

All new customers receive a free €10 Amazon Gift Card in a welcome bonus. You have to verify your account after you sign up in order to receive your free gift.

The general terms for subscription

When you buy a subscription to BestScoreWins, we will automatically upgrade your account to membership, and you can immediately make use of your advantages. The membership works in the way that you will stay a member until you unsubscribe (please see cancellation terms below). When you agree to the subscription you simultaneously agree to make these automatic payments for the full amount of $24.95 for 14 days, up until the subscription is ended.

BestScoreWins may offer promotional campaigns to new subscribers. The introductory price cost is $24.95. The introductory period is 14 days. The subscription cost is $24.95 and will continue to be billed on the subscribers’ credit card until canceled or unsubscribed by the subscriber, like any other subscription service.

I’m new at BestScoreWins. What now?

If you have not previously used BestScoreWins before, you will automatically be registered as a user after entering your information, accepting the terms and conditions to the promotional offer once you have clicked on to the payment page. This happens whether you go through with the purchase of a membership or not. You will then receive a welcome email with your login information on. Should you not receive this email, please check your junk/spam mail. As a regular user (non-member), you are subject to the terms of use at BestScoreWins which includes BestScoreWins sending you newsletters from time to time.

No thanks! I’d like to cancel my subscription and have information regarding the binding period

You can always cancel your current subscription, there is no binding period. Termination can occur through the “My Account” area on BestScoreWins. Please note that your subscription cannot be unsubscribed online within the first 24 hours after it is made due to the technical reasons for setting up your new account. It can, however, be done by calling our Customer Care number (+44 113 320 4666) within these first 24 hours. Please be aware if you do not unsubscribe your subscription before the end of an eventual trial period, then your trial membership will automatically turn into a membership at the normal price ($24.95 for 14 days).

If you terminate your subscription then no further payments will take place, that is unless you choose to reactivate the subscription, or you create a new subscription at a later date. The termination of the subscription does not affect the benefits that are enabled on your BestScoreWins user account for the period that you have already been paid for. BestScoreWins will auto send an acknowledgment of your termination to the email address you used when signing up. Non-receipt of the acknowledgment does not affect the validity of the termination. It is solely the registration in BestScoreWins customer database that matters, as it is the customer’s responsibility to have entered in their email address correctly, it is also up to them to ensure that emails are not deleted or landing in a spam filter. Please contact our Customer Care if you are unsure about how to prevent that from happening.

Taking part in the competition & welcome bonus

BestScoreWins may offer competitions to new customers as part of the promotional material. When you enter the competition you will automatically be part of the draw. Please check the landing page where you signed up from, and read when the competition ends.

Competition terms & conditions:

- The entrant(s) must be aged 18 or over.

- Proof of identity and age may be required.

- Use of a false name or address will result in disqualification.

- All entries must be made directly by the person entering the competition.

- BestScoreWins reserve the right to amend or alter the terms of competitions at any time and reject entries from entrants not entering into the spirit of the competition.

- In the event of a prize being unavailable, BestScoreWins reserves the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value.

- Unless stated otherwise the winner(s) will be drawn at random from all correct entries received by the closing date stated within the promotional material.

- Confirmation of the prize will be made in writing to the winner(s) by email.

- Competitions may be modified or withdrawn at any time.

- You need to play at least 10 games

Shipping of products

The winning member in the games will receive an email with the result and the products after they have paid $2.00. If the product is a physical product the winner will receive an email from BestScoreWins in which, the winner will be asked to confirm the postal address.

Please note that if you have signed up through a competition or a draw (for instance to win an iPhone, LG TV or others prize), you will be contacted directly if you win. A welcome gift is in this case not applicable and cannot be claimed.

The same is true for competitions connected to the campaign, if there is a such. Limit 1 prize per household. The address must be confirmed via our website with scanned documentation that corresponds with the address entered upon registration (e.g. electricity bill, health insurance, or the like). Alternatively, the user, via his/her profile at BestScoreWins , must enter information in such a manner that the product(s) can be shipped. All documentation that is scanned, should this option be chosen, will be deleted immediately afterwards.

Fraud and unauthorized use

The provider cares about your security and protects you against fraud. In the event that you detect any charge in your account, that has not been previously authorized and that is not related to you, directly or indirectly, the provider will reimburse you the total amount. In case you experience a fraudulent charge to your account, please contact our support team by phone at +44 113 320 4666 or email support@bestscorewins.com.

Information regarding refunds & chargebacks

One (1) month premium members may cancel their subscription at any time during the initial thirty (14) day period following registration and receive a one hundred percent (100%) refund of their respective membership price. No refunds will be issued after the first thirty (14) days of Service. Directive 2011/83/EU provides you the right to cancel your purchase within (fourteen) 14 days for any reason. The 14 day “cooling off” period begins from the date you receive the digital product. If you choose to cancel your order you must provide us with notice in writing prior to the expiration of the 14 working day “cooling off” period. You will receive a refund no later than 14 days after we have received the notice.

Your purchase of the membership is accompanied by the statutory withdrawal period. You can only cancel your initial purchase if you have NOT used your subscription. You take your subscription in to use the moment you complete the purchase and log on to BestScoreWins. If you want to use this right, you must immediately after the initial purchase log off and not log in again. Then you should contact the Customer Care team by telephone (+44 113 320 4666) or email (support@bestscorewins.com) to inform them that you regret your purchase. You will then get your subscription canceled and receive a form which you must complete and return, then after this, your money will be refunded. Since you have entered into an agreement for a subscription service, it is only right to cancel this agreement and not in connection with the running payment.

What happens when you abuse/misuse BestScoreWins?

It is only allowed to have one membership per BestScoreWins user, and only one user account per person. In case of violation of this condition, we can at any time cancel the agreement and delete any points awarded/earned. This also applies to points which have been given by special member promotional offers, or any prizes won in connection with the membership. By misusing the website you also lose the right to a refund of the money you may have paid to BestScoreWins for a membership.

You, as an user can only use one membership campaign (at the reduced price) once every 6 months. Violation of this will also lead to cancellation of the agreement and any points that may have been obtained in connection with this. BestScoreWins also reserves this right not to refund the money may be paid for the invalid membership.

In the case of abuse or suspected abuse, we can request additional documentation from the buyer prior to the submission of orders. We reserves the right to - without warning - cut off your access to us, like we reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against users who violate BestScoreWins terms or otherwise abusing the services and offers provided by BestScoreWins. Reference is also made in this regard to the terms of use of BestScoreWins.

I would like to continue as a regular member after the trial period. How do i pay and what could go wrong?

If you were happy with our games during the trial period and want to continue with a normal subscription we will charge your payment card the normal fee of $24.95 for one month. If for some reason we do not seem to be able to make the charge (e.g. if there is insufficient fund on the card that particular day) we will try to charge the card again the following bank day and – if that should fail too – on the third bank day after the first unsuccessful charge.

In case our charge hereafter should still turn out unsuccessful your account will, unfortunately, be closed down – so please use a valid payment card.

If a payment card used for the first time indicates that a stolen card is used or another fraudulent use is being observed, or a payment card for reasons provided by the card issuer cannot be used with BestScoreWins, we will not try to recharge the card as mentioned above. In this case, the account will be terminated.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom